Commercial Locksmith Services At North York

Business Locksmith – Commercial Door Locks - We’re Here to Keep You Safe!

Professional Locksmith

Our professional locksmith for Business services offers quality security installations and regular maintenance that your business needs

On Wheels Locksmith understand the importance of commercial standard security and we got the expertise required to do a job well done right from the get-go.

Automotive and residential locksmith services might be more common and popular but Business locksmith services are equally essential.

We Can Offer Your Business The Locksmith Services You Need

Dependable Lock Service

On Wheels Locksmith North-york team can help you with your Business locksmith needs, from lock system installation to Panic-bar replacement as well as emergencies where the expertise of a locksmith is needed.

proudly services and sell with installation most well-known brands in the industry, including Medeco, Adams Rite, defiant, Schlage, Kaba, Yale, and more

Our commercial Business locksmith services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Master Keys open multiple locks

Businesses, large and small alike, have several doors, all of which have their respective keys. Using a master key can eliminate the need for you to carry several keys all the time.

This is a more streamlined, efficient and practical choice. We can provide you with a master key that can give you to all locks in your business space.

Business Locksmith Mortise Lock

Choice of Locks Choosing the right locks for your doors

We will also help you identify the type of lock that works best with your business. The most common locks are cylindrical locks and they are a favorite choice among many business owners.

A mortise lock includes an additional deadbolt and the so-called thumb latch handle.

This gives an extra layer of security that can help everyone feel safer while protecting sensitive products.

Despite the more complex installation required since these locks are individually carved and drilled to doors, these are often used on storefront glass aluminum doors and our business locksmith team can help you with them.

On Wheels Locksmith can re-key your Storefront and deadbolt locks

In the same way that you rekey your house to ensure that no unknown people will be able to enter, commercial spaces also need to be rekeyed.

Just so you know, locks must be rekeyed now and then. Staff turnover might mean that excess keys might be available to others.

Also, if you terminated a disruptive employee, it will be safer to have new locks installed in the events that they get their hands on a copy of your business key.

Rekeying commercial buildings is a must and you can count on our team to make the whole process easier and simpler for you.

Business Locksmith Emergency Services - Getting locked out of your Storefront

Commercial settings are prone to break-ins. If you ever find out that someone broke into your business, you don’t have to panic.

Contact us instead. While it can be very tragic, you can have the assurance that you can call us no matter what time of the day or night it might be.

Our business locksmith technicians will go to your commercial space at the soonest time possible to make sure that your livelihood will no longer be at risk of theft and burglary.

Although there is very little comfort when you discover that someone entered your precious business, you can at least find comfort knowing that we are here to make sure that it won’t happen ever again.

Contact us today to know how our business  locksmith commercial and offices lock services can help you!

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